The highest annual 60% income! The higher the quantity, the higher the return! CA global activities started!
Time : 2024-02-29
The highest annual 60% income! The higher the quantity, the higher the return! CA global activities started!

Experience the ultimate return on investment with our exclusive annual offer! Get a whopping 60% of your highest annual income when you participate in our CA global activities. The more you engage, the more you earn! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to multiply your profits. Act now and secure your spot in this lucrative venture!"

Here are the specific rules: 

1. The first phase of this funding activity is open only to global institutions or KOLs with a strong presence as flow bloggers. Applicants need to provide a business license or a KOL certified account, and send an email to confirm the investment amount. Successful applicants will receive an exclusive return receipt number file, allowing them to participate in the activity. 

2. To participate in the pledge activities, participants can use the return receipt number provided by the agency or KOL to deposit funds in the corresponding exchange or wallet. This number serves as the exclusive account for the pledge activities. Participants can manage community promotion activities and earn a corresponding management income.

3. The financial income from the pledge activities is divided into two parts: daily settlement interest (organizations and KOLs promoting members can receive the corresponding interest) and weekly community rewards, which will be directly allocated to the agency or KOL's designated account address. 

Explanation: The CA pledge financial income is divided into two segments, one for financial income (daily settlement) and the other for community management income (weekly settlement). 

4. All financial products are accessible at any time without restrictions. Participants can enter and exit the investment at their convenience. Upon exiting, the interest and income will be settled according to the minimum amount taken at the 24-hour snapshot. 

5. If the account balance falls below the specified amount, the community management income will be canceled. However, the daily interest will still be charged as per normal practice. 

You can also send an email request for certification to We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us and be a part of world-class cooperation! 

Best regards,

Team Coupn Assets (CA)

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